My Thoughts on AP Studio Art

Coffee Pot
Monday Mood 2018 Acrylic on 8″x 10″ Canvas Panel

If you don’t already know AP, or advanced placement, Studio Art is the art class I took my senior year of high school. And let me tell you- it’s a joke.

Basically, you have the majority of the school year to prepare your portfolio which consists of 24 pieces. 12 of which are call the “Breadth” section. And the remaining 12 are the “Concentration” section. Breadth is your best pieces that show artistic ability. Or at least that’s what I understood it as. The pieces in the concentration part have to follow a theme- a very specific theme. And by that I mean a theme like “Still lifes” is too general. It has to be more like, “Still lifes that show how awful society is by the use of the color red” Well maybe not exactly that one but you get the idea.

So I finished my breadth in like a month. It was super easy. however, I never finished my concentration. And it’s mostly my art teacher’s fault. She was more concerned about herself. She spent most of her time on her laptop either working on an online college class or doing who knows what. The rest of the time she’d be gossiping with other students or another teacher. I was struggling to come up with a concentration topic, and I felt like I’d be interrupting her by asking for help.

So I decided to just do my own thing. I went with the theme of still lifes I find in my kitchen. I painted 2 pieces and started 2 more. I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. But by that time it was too late to change my theme. I knew I couldn’t create 12 theme-based AP worth pieces in just a few months. So I gave up. I wasn’t going to be taking the AP test any way, so I figured that it really didn’t matter. I kept creating art, but not in class.

She didn’t like that I just was sitting in class doing nothing. She called me out for it several times, in front of the entire class. Which was embarrassing, especially for someone like me who is very shy. It made me start to hate her and not want to do anything in her class even more.

Anyway, my thing is like none of my art follows a theme. That’s what’s great about art, there are no rules. Like if one day I want to paint abstract flowers and the next draw a super realistic self portrait, I can do just that. And I’m okay with that fact that none of my art looks alike. So I’d never be able to create 12 pieces that all look alike

Maybe AP Studio Art would have been different for me if I had a different teacher who actually cared about me?

About the Painting

This is one of those coffee pots that I think is called a Keurig? It’s super convenient; I’d 9/10 recommend to a friend. I painted this one with Acrylic paint on a 8″x 10″ canvas panel. Uh painting realistically is pretty tough tbh. Good news: this is for sale! Under the menu you can find the link to my Esty store!

Follow my art on Instgram? @IhtzJennifer I post updates on my art daily!



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