Last Day of High School

Mood 2017 Acrylic on 7″x 10″ Watercolor Paper

On one hand I’m excited that I’m done with school, but on the other, I’m actually kind of going to miss it.

For some reason the night before, I stayed up until about 3 a.m. watching The Office. Then at 5:30 my last alarm to wake me up for high school went off. Okay so the last bus ride to school (yes I still rode the bus) was miserable. It was humid and the girl that I’ve been sitting next to all year was making pig noises as usual.

First period was a final exam- super easy. I’m going to miss that class the most. Walking to second period I almost cried. Who knew I’d like international relations so much (Insert crying emoji here). Honestly, it wasn’t so much the class content more just the general atmosphere of that class. It was the same class that I went to NYC with.

Second period my American Sign Language teacher gave me and the one other senior in the class a card and a bookmark with our names in sign. That was such a thoughtful gift. She is a super sweet teacher. Sidenote: bonus points to her because I ended up not having to present my project!

Third period was Ceramic. That was the only class really that I had so much to do in. I finished glazing my pots. I have that teacher again at the end of the day, so she didn’t really say bye.

Fourth period is lunch- I stayed to finish up.

Fifth period is English, we’d been done in that class for weeks. I just sat there and played on my phone. The girl next to me who I would consider my just at school friends asked me to sign her yearbook. She was the only person to ask me. I wrote, “Thanks for being my friend 🙂 Also you’re super funny!!” I didn’t know what else to write.

Sixth period is AP Studio art. My teacher wasn’t even there. I didn’t get to say bye. But honestly I didn’t even really like her so it’s whatever.

Seventh Period was AP Statistics. Ew. I took my last final exam. I mostly just guessed. No big deal because even if I did fail it, I’d still pass the class.

Eight period was photography. Again just sat there and played on my phone. The bell rang, I said bye, and I was done.

I’m just so happy to be done. I’m not doing the college thing, and nothing you say to me will change my mind. I’m just gonna work full time on my art. You can say art isn’t a career and that I’ll never make enough money. Well with that attitude, you’re right, but I know I can do it.

About the Painting

I painted this abstract self portrait with Acrylic paint on a 7″x 10″ piece of Watercolor paper. I originally made it when I was “talking” to this dude who’s name starts with an N. I named it when I was talking to the dude, who shall remain nameless, that broke my heart. I called it mood because he was annoying me, the eye rolling part, and because he gave me butterflies.

I can paint you! Head over to the contact page if you’re interested.

Check out my Etsy store too, The link is in the menu tab. I also have a RebBubble store. Same thing, link in menu.

Instagram~ @ IhtzJennifer  I post my art more frequently there!




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