Four Quotes That Inspire my Art

Let's Trip part 1.jpg
Let’s take a Trip part 1 2018 Mixed Media on 6″x 4″ Watercolor Paper
  1. “Good artists copy; great artists steal”  My interpretation of this quote goes a little something like this: A good artist will see a flower and draw/paint/whatever it exactly as it is. A great artist will take that flower and turn it into the flower that they see in their mind. Kind of hard to explain, but do you get what I mean?
  2. “Remember, after rain there’s always sunshine” This was inside of a fortune cookie. I can’t believe I threw it away. This one is for the bad days when I feel like my art sucks or think I’m not going to make it as an artist.
  3. “Everything has beauty, not everyone can see it” I saw this forever ago on twitter as a tattoo. The second half was in white ink. 14-year-old me thought that was the coolest thing ever. I try to remember that when I make something and end up not liking it, someone will. 🙂
  4. “Happy little accidents” Who doesn’t like Bob Ross? I really try to remember this especially when I’m working with pen.

About the Painting

Something a little bit different. I used a micron pen to draw the mushrooms and thinned down Acrylic paint for the background. It’s on a 6″x 4″ piece of Watercolor paper. It was super fun to create 🙂 and it is for sale! Just click the shop link :))

Also For almost daily updates on my art, follow my Instagram @IhtzJennifer !!

under 10
A close up

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