Cute as a Cupcake :)

Strawberry Cupcake.jpg
Strawberry Cupcake 2017 Mixed Media on 8″x 6″ Paper

In an attempt to catch up my website with more of my paintings, on Thursdays, I’ll be posting some of my “older” work. By older I mean from like early 2017. So you know, they won’t be that great, but still worth showing. It will also just be the paintings… as in, no little extra story to go along with them… well I guess this one is the exception.

Also, I’m gonna try a new day to upload my weekly “story” posts. So that day will be Fridays, and that is starting tomorrow!

About the Painting

Fun Fact: I actually painted this while watching 13 Reasons Why. So this is another mixed media piece. The background is actually Watercolor. The rest is Acrylic. I painted this cutie on an 8″x 6″ piece of Mixed media paper. She is still for sale! $15!!! Just click the Shop Button at the top of the page 🙂

Well If you made it this far thank you for reading. Wanna see almost daily updates on my current art? Check out my Instagram… @ IhtzJennifer


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