Early Morning Thoughts

Yellow and Orange Flowers
Untitled 2017 Mixed Media on 8″x 6″ Paper

Do not do it. Don’t. Actually yes it’s a good idea. It’s really not… oh no. I did it.

Instant regret. I’m going back to sleep forever.

I hate loosing followers.

I used to get like 100 likes on Instagram, and now my last post only got 40! What the heck.

Did I just really say heck?

Woah that was a weird dream. It would never happen in real life. Why was even thinking about those people?

I just remembered that I have a container of ice cream downstairs. Is it really worth getting out of bed. I’m so comfy though.

Ice cream: great idea.

But that means I have to talk to my parents.

I’ll just save it for later. But I’m really hungry. I guess I’ll just starve.

You know what I need to lose a little weight any way.

Speaking of weight, I can’t believe I spent $40 on underwear. 7 for $28. Yeah right. Shipping was a whole $8. That’s crazy.

I almost have 420 Instagram followers. Lol.

So hungry.

It’s only 10:30 a.m., maybe I should take a little nap. I stayed up until 4 last night.

Why am I even awake. What is wrong with me.

Tried something a little bit different. I wrote down every though that I had before I actually got out of bed and started my day. It was pretty interesting. Like reading it back it doesn’t even make sense. Well a little sense. My early morning thoughts are everywhere.

About the Painting

This one was inspired by a flower pot that I had hanging up in my garden. It has an abstract vibe that I really like. I also experimented with a few different mediums. I used mostly Acrylic, and a little bit of Watercolor and color pencil. This one is no longer for sale.


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