Happy (more like sad, am I right?) Valentine’s Day!

Kiss Me 2018 Acrylic on 4″x 4″ Canvas Panel

I’ve never had a Valentine before. I had a really good feeling though, that this year would be different.

So long story short, I was planning on asking a boy to be my Valentine. Then he basically told me he liked someone else. Well I mean he didn’t say it, but it was strongly implied. I’m not gonna lie, it made me cry. But whatever I’m over it now. At least he spared the embarrassment of me showing him this cute Valentine I made him only for him to say no.

It was super cute too. It says “Will you (two drawings of bumblebees) my Valentine?” Get it? Like will you beE my Valentine. If someone made it for me I’d bee so happy.

Unrelated but I really need to start posting more. I’ve already broken my new years resolution of posting weekly. I promise I’ll try to get back to normal, I’ve just been so buzzy.


About the Painting

Kiss me. I used Acrylic paint on a 4″x 4″ canvas panel. I was inspired by Valentine’s Day to make this. It’s for sale! Only $15!! Just click the shop button on the menu and it will take you directly to my Etsy Shop!


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