A Honest Review of the Masterson Sta-Wet Palette

Four Strawberries.jpg
Strawberries 2017 Acrylic and Watercolor on 4.5 “x 6” Watercolor Paper

For Christmas, one of the gifts I received was the Masterson Sta-Wet Palette. So I figured it would be a good idea to share my opinion of it. Here is the quick version: It’s amazing! I’d 10/10 recommend it to a friend.

Mine was ordered from Dickblick.com and I do believe that is was reasonably priced. Really, the only somewhat annoying thing was that the palette paper and the sponge were sold separate. Which those two are needed, especially if you’ll be using Acrylics.

My first impression was, “Wow this palette is huge!” I’m so used to using a little 5″x 7″ palette so, 16″x 12″ was a big difference.

It’s such a great palette because the paint doesn’t dry up. The most annoying thing about using regular palettes I found, was that my paint would dry on the palette while I was using it. Not with this one. Even leaving the lid open for hours at a time, nothing, the paint would still be as wet as when I first started.

Speaking of wet paint, the other great thing about this palette is that it saves paint! After the first painting I did using it, all I did was close the lid. Now I didn’t wait days to start the next painting, more like the next morning. But I was able to use the left over paint. I did that for about a week.

After a week, I had pretty much used the whole paper. I was surprised that even the original paint I had started with was still pretty usable. I could have easily kept going. But I felt like it was time to start a new paper. The paint that is left over on the paper easily washed off the paper and I was able to just flip it over and use it again. The pack of palette paper comes with 30 sheets, which seems like it will last quite a while at the rate I’m using it.

Overall, I think that this was a great investment, and would recommend every Artist use a resealable palette. It saves paint, which is especially helpful for those of us who use more expensive paint and don’t have the money to be wasting paint.

About the Painting

This is a little strawberry still life painting. I used Acrylic for the actual strawberries and the background on this one is Watercolor. It’s on a 4.5″ x 6″ piece of Watercolor Paper. This is for sale! $15! Contact me if you happen to be interested in this one, or would like a custom piece done.





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