New Year’s Resolution

Blue Bird
Blue BirdĀ 2017 Acrylic on 5″x 7″ Watercolor Paper

Happy New Year!

I’ve never had a New Year’s Resolution that I actually kept up with through out the year. I imagine so many other people can relate to that. I think that’s because most of us choose things that are too unrealistic. But anyway, here are a few things I am planning on doing through out 2018.

  1. Regularly post on my blog/portfolio/whatever you consider this to be
  2. Create as much art as possible
  3. Be more honest/ speaking my mind
  4. TRY not to procrastinate as much as last year
  5. Find a job

About the Painting

I wanted to try something a little bit different and decided to paint a blue bird. I also wanted to some how incorporate my new gold paint into it. The gold was a bit difficult to capture on camera, but in real life its very beautiful and reflective. I used Acrylic paint on a 5″x 7″ piece of Watercolor Paper.

This is for sale! $45! Either contact me via the “contact” page or head over to the “shop’ page.


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