The First Painting I Made That I Actually Liked

Green Butterfly.jpg
Untitled¬†2016 Watercolor and Ink on 4.5″x 5″ Watercolor Paper

It felt like 2017 flew by so fast! But at the same time, so slow. I feel like my artistic ability has blossomed. I have created so much art this year, art that I actually like.

Nearly everything from 2015 was so bad that I just threw it away. From 2016, I do have quite a few pieces that I liked. Including this butterfly. It’s actually my favorite piece I’ve ever done. I made it in September, and it sparked my love for the look of Watercolors.

Lately, I have been experimenting with thinning down Acrylics with water to get the Watercolor look. But this was one of the times I used real Watercolors. I also used Ink to create this. Ink is not really my thing anymore. It made me feel like every line had to be perfect. If one line was too thick, or not straight, the drawing would go straight into the trash. It didn’t matter how far into it I was, even if I was almost done.

I love the colors, the way the two greens go perfectly with each other. The way the splashes turned out just right. The way the butterfly is almost perfectly symmetric.

If anyone is interested in adding this butterfly to your life, it is for sale. $20! Message me via the Contact page, or click on the Shop page and message me there.




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